Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mind Control

Two KGB agents are taking a walk in a Moscow suburb. One says to the other, "You know Dimitri, I have had training to control anyone through the power of my mind."

"Really? Prove it!" replies Pavel.

Dimitri pointed to a long queue of people outside a bakery.

"See that queue. I can make the owner come out and tell them that he has sold out. Watch"

Dimitri closed his eyes and concentrated on the shop. Sure enough after one minute the owner popped out and announced that he had completely sold out. The queue dispersed but the people complained loudly that there was clearly plenty of bread for sale.

Both agents walked on.

"Hmm, impressive but I am still not convinced," said Pavel.

The two continued until they reached a miserable part of the city.

"See that apartment block?" said Dimitri. "Well, just watch, I can make the owner of that one on the fifth floor throw out his TV."

"Go ahead," said Pavel.

So Dimitri closed his eyes concentrated on the apartment. After two minutes nothing had happened.

"Ha! What rubbish," said Pavel.

Dimitri raised his hands skywards as if to invoke a deity. Five more minutes passed.

"Oh come on lets go. This just proves it's all rubbish," insisted Pavel.

"One last try," said Dimitri and he screwed up his face and concentrated with all his might.

After two minutes a man ran to the fifth floor balcony screaming "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? I DON'T HAVE A TV!"

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