Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mum Knows, Ding-a-Lings, Vitamins, Dirt & Germs

For those of us who grew up in Perth during the 1980s...

I wish I could find the "Teeth" one.

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ChrisP said...

Wish I could find the "Teeth" advert from this series. In the meantime the lyrics will have to suffice:

We sure see a lot of them
Crocodiles bite with them, lions chew with them
Babies cry a lot getting their first teeth

Oh, teeth
The fairies pay out for them
When you lose, your first teeth
Dentists can sometimes fix teeth so your smile is sweet
Try and say teeth without your two front TEEF!

But, if we don't look after them they can all fall out
So how do we look after our teeeeeeeeth

This is what happens after we've eaten
Little bits of food stay behind and they get between the teeth
They're the nasty bits because they cause decay
So to get rid of the nasties, you brush your teeth like this

First up and down on the outsides
Then up and down on the insides
Then rub the gums, simple isn't it?

People even leave them in a jar beside the bed
Now, you don't want to be like them
So brush your teeth instead, and you'll have teeth!