Sunday, June 08, 2008

Dropped Guts

A farmer and his wife are lying in bed together one morning, when the farmer rolls over and lets out an enormous fart.

"Oh you stinking brute!" exclaims his disgusted wife.

The next morning, the farmer repeats the exercise eliciting the same appalled response from his missus. This goes on for several days until one morning the wife shouts, "One day you're going to fart your insides out!"

"No chance," chuckles the farmer and lets rip again.

The next morning the farmer's wife rises extra early and takes a large bag of chicken giblets out of the freezer. She unwraps the giblets and slides them between the sheets next to her sleeping husband's backside then goes downstairs for breakfast.

Later the farmer comes downstairs panting, his face beet red.

"What's the matter dear?" enquires his wife.

"You know how you said I'd end up farting my guts out?", he pants.

"Yes?", responds his wife.

"Well it happened!" the farmer exclaims.

"Oh dear!" says his wife stifling a laugh. "Are you alright?"

"I am now," he responds. "I managed to shove 'em back in again!"

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