Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Toe Poke

A husband and wife book a romantic weekend at a hotel. Unfortunately, their double-room reservation is bungled and instead they are given an attic room with two single beds. On the floor between the beds is a raised beam over which the couple must step in order to avoid stubbing their toes.

When they retire to bed the husband switches off the light and says to his wife "How about a bit of nookie?"

She agrees and makes her way across the darkened room and painfully stubs her toe on the raised beam. Her husband hears her shout in pain and comforts her by saying, "Oh diddums did you stub your little tootsie-wootsie, come and lie in my bed and let me rub it better for you."

She lies next to him in bed and they spend the next hour having wonderful sex. The wife then gets out of her husband's bed and starts to cross the room to her bed and again stubs her toe on the raised beam. On again hearing her shout with pain her husband says, "Jesus can't you pick your bloody feet up!"

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