Friday, May 16, 2008

German, French & Israeli Cuisine

A German, French, and Israeli were exploring a tropical island when they run into a tribe of cannibals. They're captured, and the Chief tells them, "I've been to a good Russian university, so I understand the concept of civilisation. I'm therefore going to give you all one wish before we cook you and eat you." He points at the French man and says, "You first!"

The French man thinks for a minute and asks for three beautiful tribes women who he has his way with. His libido satiated, he is killed, cooked and eaten. The German is next, and he asks for a large meal of delectable meats, vegetables, fruits, and an alcoholic beverage made from coconut, he's so drunk by the time they kill him and eat him, he doesn't even notice. The Chief then asks the Israeli what he would like as his last wish, and the Israeli says, "Just punch me in the face, right on the nose!"

The Chief is perplexed by this request but punches the Israeli right on the nose as hard as he can, at which point the Israeli pulls out a Galil assault rifle and shoots all the cannibals. As the Chief is lying there, mortally wounded, with his last breath, he asks the Isreali, "Why didn't you use the gun before we ate the French or German men?" The Israeli proudly replies, "Israelis are not aggressors."

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