Saturday, May 12, 2007

Monkey Business

A cop drives around a bend in the road and comes across a bad accident.

A man and woman both lie dead in the wreckage. The accident appears to have no obvious explanation. The cop looks around and sees a monkey waving its arms at him.

The cop says, "Hey monkey, what happened?"

Monkey: motions with his arms and mimes drinking from a bottle.

Cop: "They were drinking?"

Monkey: nods head vigorously.

Cop: "What else?"

Monkey: mimes smoking a joint.

Cop: "They were smoking dope?"

Monkey: nods head vigorously.

Cop: "There must have been more. This is a very strange accident. Monkey! What else?"

Monkey: nimics sexual relations.

Cop: "They were screwing?"

Monkey: nods very vigorously.

Cop: "This still doesn't make any sense. Hey monkey! How do you know all this?"

Monkey: mimes driving while looking over his shoulder.

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